Once Upon A Time in Yogyakarta

Sarjono is an old farmer who has been farming for decades in the region of Yogyakarta. This film shows the process of an old farmer working his rice field, step by step, from cultivating his land to harvest. Sarjono is a reflection of a traditional farmer who will be lost in the modern era.

Director : Dwi Saputro, Montase Production | 13 minutes

Dwi Saputro is an agricultural student who is concerned about agricultural land use in Yogyakarta area. In 2015, he joined the Montase film community and involved in several short film productions. From here, he began producing film that fit his interests and academic fields. Once Upon a Time in Yogyakarta (2017) is his debut film.

Sekala Niskala

One day in a hospital room, Tantri (10 years old) realizes that she will not have a long time along with her twin brother, Tantra. Tantra’s brain weakens and he starts to lose his senses one by one. Tantra is now spending most of his time lying in the hospital room while Tantri has to accept the reality that she has to face life alone. This situation opens up something in Tantri’s mind. Tantri keeps waking up in the middle of the night from a dream and seeing Tantra. The night becomes their playground. Under the full moon Tantri dances; she dances about her home, about her feelings. As the moon is dimmed and replaced by the sun, so does Tantra and Tantri. Together, Tantri experiences a magical journey and emotional relationship through body expressions; between reality and imagination, losing and hope.

Director : Kamila Andini | 86 minutes


Andre is a child who lives on Bangka island. Andre envy of his friends who use mobile phones. Everyday after school andre begin to earn money by minning tin. This film is taken from the life story of the directors's childhood.

Director : Rian Apriyansah | 17 minutes

Rian Apriansyah is an independent filmmaker from Bangka Island, Indonesia. He has studied film at (Akademi Komunikasi Indonesia) and currently he is taking (communication program) course at High School Of Rural Community Development "APMD" Yogyakarta. Ngelimbang is his first film which has achieved a lot of national and international awards. 15.7 KM is the third film he has made in Bangka Island.

Siung Mangkuwungan

This story is the legend from Dayak Maanyan tribe, Central Kalimantan, the descendants of Banua Lima and Kampung Sapuluh in Eteen village. There was a beautiful girl named Puney Tataw Anrau who was loved by many men, somehow she chose Siung Mangkuwungan. Men in the villages were revengeful toward him and trying to kill him, but gods and ancestor spirits protect Siung. One god named Dewa Nanyu Manyulun was angry and punished the village with heavy storm which called rume (end of the world). SOmehow, Puney and Siung were able to save themselves because they had Petake necklace. They became the ancestors of Banua Lima and Kampung Sapuluh people.

All the Casts and production team are Dayak Maanyan people.

Director : Arianto Muller, Nan Sarunai Jaya production | 60 minutes

Nyumai Terebus Kampung

This video told about the activities of a women called Martina, she comes from Pakak Village, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan. Today, Martina lives with her family at Sintang Regency. She is Dayak De'sa sub-ethnic. She is been living 30 years at the city, but she never forget her tradition as dayaknese. Dayaknese lives from the nature, they got the food from the land, this is the part of their living.

Director : Marliansi Emy | 9 minutes

My name is Marlensia Emy. Everyone does love called me Emy. I was born at Pakak Village in Sintang Regency. I am Dayak De'sa (one of Dayak sub ethnic in Kalimantan, Iban). I was born at a long house, belong to my ancestors. But its was lost now. At 2009, my cousin destroyed it into the wood materials. I was study at Tanjung Pura University at Pontianak City in West Kalimantan. finished my bachelor at 2015. I started the Onet’s Adventure on September 2018. Onet’s Adventure were the story mostly telling about social, culture and environment in my hometown, Sintang regency. I try to make some stories and documentations about my family activities. Especially rare activity at my village. We (me and my siblings) believed many things will be lost cause of globalization. For example, the culture of huma (field), in the past, the villagers brought “sedung” (a traditional carrier). They put many things in sedung such as; rice, salt, sometimes sampau kuali and etc. But nowadays, most people went to theirs field only bring a little bag because they drove a motorcycle. If we walking to field, along we could pick some flowers and brought home some vegetables. Thats the reality of our culture today.

Title Matah Padi

Synopsis : Matah padi, the Dayak Iban tradition of picking the first paddy of the harvesting season. The Iban people of Sungai Utik have for a long time incorporated Catholic beliefs in their traditions, such as in Matah Padi where before they harvest the first seeds from the paddy they pray to God and their ancestors for a bountiful harvest.

Duration : 1 minute 21 detik

Producer  Kynan Tegar

Profile : Kynan is a 14 year old Dayak Iban boy from Sungai Utik, West Kalimantan. He is homeschooled and makes films. Since finishing formal primary school (and continuing his education via homeschooling) he has pursued his passion in photography, videography, nature, and learning the in-depth culture of the Iban people. Living in the local traditional long house and learning about the culture directly from the adat leader Apay Janggut, whom defended the community fiercely from illegal logging.

Mao Yun, arak musician, Cambodia.

Synopsis : Musician Mao Yun presents Arak music and his life long commitment to preserve one of the oldest tradition of Cambodia likely to disappear in the future.

Duration: 9 menit 15 detik

Producer : Davide Dominici

Isi Dalam Karung

Synopsis : For the Kamoros, carving is not just a craft and livelihood for the maker, but a sacred thing. Also for Franky, a patriarch of a Kamoro family. He reveals that every engraving he makes is a sign from ancestors through his dream. Franky also deliver this important message to his children, that that each carving has a noble value that can not be regarded as a pleasure only. Forming carvings should be serious, according to the history of the ancestors, and as per their instructions.

On this occasion Franky carved a story about a relationship between a woman with the spirits who loved her.

Duration : 20 menit

Producer : Yonri S Revolt

Airileke and the 1000 Drum Canoe

Synopsis : The tifa-drum is unique to the island of Papua and Airileke Ingram (PNG) is a drum master and one of the few of his generation who still knows the ancient songs. With West Papuan drum-maker, Denis Koibur; he’s started a cultural revival to take the drums back to the people using a giant traditional canoe.

Duration : 11 minutes

Producer/ director : Charlie Hill-Smith

Profile : CHS is an award winning documentary film maker with a passion and focus on cross cultural and human rights stories. He has made four films in Indonesia and lives in Bali

Tamu Rambu Hamueti Queen and Weaver of Rindi

Synopsis : An enlightening insight into the life of Tamu Rambu Hamueti, queen mother and weaver of Rindi village on Sumba Timur island in Indonesia. Hamueti, an inspiring woman working hard to keep alive the traditions and customs of her people, lives in a Hamlet where Tenun Ikat is still made and is deeply entwined with the peoples animistic beliefs and history.

Duration : 15 minutes

Producer : Davide Dominici

Profile : Born Milan, Italy. Filmmaker. Created MUDFISH in 2012, a no-profit project focusing on Southeast Asian traditions which most likely disappear in the future. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.  

Teguh Between The Collapse of Gemstone

This documentary tells the life of Teguh Wiyono (48) who from an early age became a noble stone craftsmen. As the founder of Margo Selo Gemstone, he has experienced many of the world's salt acid batches. Where business is pioneered since 1987 is not without obstacles. Grief is a memory for him. Now the popularity of his business dropped dramatically.

After a boom (2013-2015), now the precious stones lose popularity. Local community is not interested in returning to agate. What did Mr. Teguh do in running this business? Is there a specific strategy that is applied in order not to fold? Could Hendri Setiyono (22), his son, be able to continue this business?. This is the portrait of the life of a noble stone craftsman in Pacitan, especially the natural stone activists in the area of Punung & Donorojo, Pacitan, Indonesia

Duration : 18 menit 52 detik


Profile : Purwoko Ajie or as knowing as Puralexdanu Patjingsung was born in Ciamis, West Java, on October 13, 1995. He was educated in the Television and Film Studies Program from 2015-2019 at one of the leading art campuses in Indonesia. During his lecture he was more active in the world of writing, both indie books and film scripts, occasionally also active for the production of fiction and documentary short films. He loves the film world from childhood. His first film was made while still in junior high school in 2009.

In addition to the world of film he also pursue the world of IT. Armed with his ability he became an admin on several well-known websites. Now actively managing and writing on the website mOntasefilm.com.