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Davide Dominici

Filmmaker, born 1974, Milan, Italy. In 2012 he created MUDFISH, since then he has been creating an anthology of portraits giving voice to individuals and traditions pushed to the margins and likely to disappear in the future. MUDFISH videos are non-commercial, created solely for cultural purposes.


Luke Barrowcliffe

Luke is an emerging Aboriginal cinematographer based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He has managed a multimedia service for the last eleven years, focused on corporate video, photography and traditional knowledge recording, producing broadcast content in the last 5 years. As an emerging filmmaker Luke was engaged for National Indigenous Television’s (NITV) initiative Our Stories.Luke completed the Mischief Sisters Life’s a Pitch workshop and in a competitive process the pitch he developed was selected to present to broadcasters at the 2018 Australian International Documentary Conference.

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Dwi Saputro

Dwi is an agricultural student who is concerned about agricultural land use in Yogyakarta area. In 2015, he joined the Montase film community and involved in several short film productions. From here, he began producing film that fit his interests and academic fields. Once Upon a Time in Yogyakarta (2017) is his debut film.

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Charles Hill Smith

CHS is an award winning documentary film maker with a passion and focus on cross cultural and human rights stories. He has made four films in Indonesia and lives in Bali.

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George Speirs

George Speirs is an all-round creative. Founder of Bali's new Genesis Creative Centre, he sees value in all creative disciplines. He is a self-taught photographer videographer and music producers, but has an education in design and architecture.