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This film is the sequel and updates from When Women Fight 1 after forest fire and haze crisis in 2015 which made thousands of orangutan died of starvation and thousands of people hospitalized due to smoke inhalation.It tells our effort to do campaign to raise awareness about this, educate students, visit the villages, forming youth firefighter team. In the last two year, the issue is shifting from health protection & the loss of forest to be the criminalization of Dayak farmers. The team learns that forest fire is just one case of what environmental destruction in Kalimantan look like and realize the urgency of act now to protect not only environment but the ancestors & heritage. This film is about our effort to bring our public & education campaign into advocacy work in national and international level by bringing the stories from the ground.

Director : Emmanuela Shinta | 20 minutes


In the suburbs of Montreal, Mutang Urud is a family man. But in Malaysia, he was a voice of resistance for the indigenous peoples of Sarawak. A TIME TO SWIM follows Mutang as he returns home for the first time since his exile in 1992. The remote forest village, however, is not like he remembers it. Contrary to the will of the elders, cousins who once stood by him at the blockades are now welcoming the timber companies. Despite the threat of a lingering arrest warrant, Mutang can’t resist taking up his old cause. A TIME TO SWIM explores the effects of environmental destruction on the fabric of a community through the personal story of Mutang’s search for belonging in a place where the very ideas of home and heritage are slipping away.

Director : Ashley Duong | 82 minutes




Enang is researching a family portrait taken in the former Dutch East Indies. His great-great-grandmother is also shown on the photo, a woman from Aceh. His mother then tells him, this wasn't the photograph they owned as a family. From the photo they owned his great-great-grandmother had been cut off. This sets off his quest to find his matriarch.

Director : Enang Wattimena | 13 minutes

Shot Awake: The Making of Changlangsu’s New Log Drum

After a gap of fifty seven years the Shajung Morung of the Konyak village of Changlangshu decided to carve a new log drum for themselves. Although preparations for the task started in 1999, it was only in 2013when they could host the grand event of acquiring their new log drum.

Director : Anungla Zoe Longkumer | 25 minutes