Jl Raya Mas, No 162, Ubud 


5:00 PM  

Arrival and opportunity to meet the 24 International and Indonesian filmmakers and presenters and enjoy the spacious grounds of the Njana Tilem Museum.  A beautiful array of food is available plus an Open Bar.

Food and beverage available for purchase.  Indigenous merchandise will be available for purchase.

6:30 PM

Welcome Ceremony

Two nations standing side by side – Australia & Indonesia.  A traditional blessing ceremony and welcome will be performed by an Australian Aboriginal elder from Arnhem Land and a Balinese leader. Followed by a traditional dance from Borneo. 

Short Documentary Film Section:  Presented by award-winning filmmaker Nanang Sujana (Sumatra), Hugo Metz (USA) President of If Not Us then Who and Cleary Vaughan from Global Oneness Project (USA).

Introduction of film makers and speakers

Feature Film

Small Island Big Song presented by directors Bao Bao (Taiwan) and Tim Cole (Australia). This documentary film took over three years to complete and is a collaboration of 100 First Nations artists and 16 island nations from Taiwan to New Zealand. Meeting the descendants of the Pacific and Indian Ocean this film reunites the oceanic songlines and a shared ancestry.

11: 00 pm

Close of evening

Film trailers, filmmaker’s bio and more information on

Food and Beverage available for purchase

Indigenous Merchandise available for purchase




Jl Goutama Selatan, Ubud



10:00 AM

Indonesian Short Films

Presentation by young indigenous film makers from Indonesia

. Ngelimbang (Bangka Island) presented by Director, Rian Apriyansah

. Mali Umai (Kalimantan) presented by Filmmaker, Kynan Tegar

Q & A with Director and Filmmaker

Moderator of discussion: Nanang Sujana


11:00 AM

. Canoe of Life (Ecuador)

. Amazon Frontlines - Defending Land Through Technology – (Ecuador)

12 NOON  

Nagaland India Short Films

. Shot Awake – The Making of Changlangshu’s New Logdrum

. Strength in Diversity presented by Director Chentei Khiamniungan

. Rone 

Q & A with filmmakers  

Chentei from Nagaland and Anoko from Arunchal Pradesh

Moderator of discussion: Luke Barrowcliffe

1.00 PM

. Sacred Water

. Voices of the Jungle

Presented by Mother Jungle - :Sanne Van Oort (The Netherlands)


1.30 PM

Siung Mangkuwungan (Kalimantan)


2.30 PM

Kalimantan Short Films

. Samabue – The Seeds of Indigenous Education in Indonesia (Kalimantan)

. When Women Fight (Kalimantan)

. Song for the Forest Bee - Nyanyian Untuk One (West Timor)

Q & A with Directors Nanang Sujana and Emmanuela Shinta 

Moderator of discussion: Marco Randelovic

3.30 pm

. Kayan: Beyond the Rings (Thailand)

. Balian (Bali)

. Garuda (Bali)

Q & A with Director Marko Randelovic

4 .15 PM

Close of Day program


5:00 PM

Wapikoni Mobile (Canada)

A series of First Nations documentary short films by Craig Commanda (Anishinaabe) and Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush (Innu) an award-winning filmmaker.

Q & A with Canadian Indigenous Filmmakers Craig Commanda and Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush

Moderator: Kamila Andini

6:00 PM

Global Oneness Project Presentation (USA)

. Marie’s Dictionary -  A powerful film about preserving the Wukchumni Language (USA)

. Counter Mapping (New Mexico, USA)

. Yukon Kings (Alaska, USA)

Q & A with Cleary Vaughan Lee founder of Global Oneness Project (USA)


7:00 PM


. Aliko and Ambai Film (Papua New Guinea)

Two young women facing the challenges of growing up in the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The challenges are significant: tribal conflict, poverty, bullying, domestic violence,and forced marriage.


8.30 PM


. Songkeepers (Australia)

A heartfelt film which unravels a historic tie from Germany to Aboriginal Australia. Described as one of the best documentary films to come out of Australia.

10 PM

. Film School Africa (Rift Valley, Africa)

11 PM


Film trailers, filmmaker’s bio and more information on

Food and Beverage available for purchase

Indigenous Merchandise available for purchase




Jl Goutama Selatan, Ubud



10:00 AM

Indonesian Young Filmmakers Section

. Film Once Upon a Time in Jogya (Indonesia)

Q & A with Director Dwi Saputro

Moderator: Jani Bellefleur - Kaltish and Craig Commanda from Wapikoni Mobile


11:00 AM

. Children of the Sun

Presented by Jeffrey Wium (USA)


11.45 AM

. The Secret Deal to Destroy Paradise (Papua) by Yonri Revolt

. Behind the Garden of Eden

. Inside Sack

12.45 PM

. The Warden of Jargarian Forest (Aru Islands, Indonesia)

. Puberty Customs as Rites of Passage (Panama)

. Food from the Forest (Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Q & A with Nanang Sujana and Hugo Metz (If Not Us Then Who) USA

Moderator: Surya Shanker

1.45 PM

. Airileke (Australia)

Presented by Director Charles Hill Smith

2.00 PM

. Tamu Rambu Hamueti Queen and Weaver of Rindi (Sumba, Indonesia)

. Mao Yun – (Cambodia)

Q & A with Director Davida Mudfish


2.30 PM

. Musical Healers

A film about linking Taiwan and New Zealand by song.


3.30 PM

. My friend Michael Jones (Samoa)

. The Gravedigger of Kapu (New Zealand)

4:00 PM

End of day program


5:00 PM

. India - Surya Shankar from Video Republic will present a series of short documentary films from Odisha, India

Presentation:  Surya Shankar

6:00 PM


. The Borneo Case – (Malaysia)

Q & A with Pieter John Jaban

7:15 PM

. Buwarrala Aryah Journey (Australia)

. Corroboree (Australia)

Q & A with Director Luke Barrowcliffe  

Moderator: Jeffrey Wium

8:45 PM


. The Seen and Unseen  (Sekala Niskala)  (Indonesia)

Adelaide Film Festival International Feature Award (Winner) 2018 – Best Feature, Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Winner) 2017 – Best Youth Feature Film, Berlin International Film Festival (Winner) – Best Feature Film 2018, Jogja -NETPAC Asian Film Festival; Golden Hanoman Award (Winner) 2017 and more.

Q & A with Director Kamila Andini 

10:00 PM

. Profit and Loss  - A Sacred Land Film Project of Earth Island Institute

From Papua New Guinea to the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, native people fight the loss of land, water, and health to mining and oil industries.

11:00 PM

Closing of Bali International Indigenous Film Festival 2019 BIIFF

Film trailers, filmmaker’s bio and more information on

Food and Beverage available for purchase

Indigenous Merchandise available for purchase

Films subject to change – check website and Facebook for latest changes

Thank you for your attendance